How to Order

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MRT - Ordering Procedures

We offer 3 convenient methods to place your orders:
(if you are a approved MRT performance reseller, please contact your nominated account manager)

  1. MRT Online ShopMRT Online Shop
    Hundreds of products displayed with descriptions and pictures.
    Easy to use shopping cart system. Australian and International customers all catered for. Click here to access the MRT online shop.
  2. Simple Email Order
    Send an email via our easy to use form here detailing your requirements and payment details.
  3. Post or Fax
    Click Here to Download an Order Form in PDF that you can print, fill in and post or fax back to us.  See Here for address details.

How to Pay

You have several options..............

Payment by Credit Card or Paypal
With new rules constantly being introduced to protect you from credit card fraud, we have been advised by our bank to ask for the following information.

(Confidential supply of this will allow us to process your orders quickly).

Please note that we do not accept credit card payments outside Australia or for orders over AUD$2,000.
We do accept bank transfer of unlimited amounts

For orders over  $600 AUD (and under $2000) we require additional information AND a signed Credit Card Authorisation slip.
Please complete the credit card authorisation downloaded from here and fax, or scan and e-mail it back to us WITH the below information as well.
For your convenience here is our contact page with all our details

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high bank fees, associated with credit card use, we have to pass on the 1.5% Bank cost for all orders when Visa, MasterCard and Bank Card are used and 3% for all purchase's on Amex. (this is not a  MRT cost, but a bank cost)

Payment by Cheques or Money Orders
Sorry we no longer accept any form of chque.

Payment by Direct Deposit, TT, Bank Transfer or similar
Click here for the MRT bank account details. 

  • When you do the Direct Deposit PLEASE give the bank your surname or the name the order is under, OR your mobile phone number, for them to use to code the payment with as an ID. That way it shows up on our bank statement with the amount you have sent us.
  • If your bank transfer is for payment of a vehicle repair for car collection, please contact us first to ensure there is time for clear funds for when you wish to collect your car. OFTEN banks hold your money overnight and this delays us releasing the car for yopur collection.
    We can not release a car until the funds are showing in our account.
  • From overseas you MUST allow an additional $20 AUD bank costs on top of your payment or your order will be delayed. (This is NOT an MRT cost, this is your banks transfer fees!) Without this payment we will not receive the correct amount of money.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the funds go into the correct account, (check it with the teller)
    You MUST then fax (Or e-mail it) the deposit slip to us (that you get from the bank) so we know when you have put it in our account. Please include your full details with the faxed deposit slip.
  • If you are ordering via E-mail you must ALSO advise our accounts people of the details of the Direct Deposit payment (they are't psychic).
  • Please help us by faxing or scan by e-mail, the bank deposit copy (overseas and local) AND a copy of your e-mail correspondence to us so we can match your order and faxed payment! ALWAYS make sure your fax and e-mail's can be cross related with a common name, fax number and/or e-mail address, or there may be a delay whilst we match the payment to your order!.

Freight information

We will always quote freight approximately. Only at the time the parts are paid for and ready to ship can we notify you of a firm quote, as almost EVERY package varies in size, weight and delivery address!

We have arranged an excellent air freight rate and as such our preferred overseas carrier is DHL

We will charge you freight as a separate cost so you know what this cost is. If you are happy with this method we can ship anywhere and will Guarantee the delivery via their system. [approx 3 - 14 days]  (If the parts are lost you are responsible to claim through the local freight office, not MRT).
There is no insurance coverage on this UNLESS you ASK for it!

If you choose the slightly CHEAPER postal system we can ship this way, [approx 1 to 8 weeks] With ANY postal freight order we do NOT guarantee the delivery, and several times they have lost items which they have't replaced. If postal goods are lost or delayed we CANNOT cover costs or credits; it's your risk. (that's why it's cheaper!)

We will automatically add Insurance to your order. Please advise us if you would not like Insurance and we will credit this amount from your shipment. Should you not mention anything we will proceed with Insurance on your shipment. Cost of insurance is 1.5% of the total value of the invoice, with a minimum of AUD$10.00. Please note we are NOT held responsible for uninsured orders once they have left MRT Performance.

Finally - RELAX, We are here to help

By following these few simple guidelines we avoid problems and we ship thousands of parts worldwide, annually.
We are here to serve you, please reply if we can help you more!