WRX MY00 Feedback from S&J

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This is an email we received from S&J, one of our dealers:

We installed our first ECUTEK changeover ECU yesterday with fantastic results, at the customers request we did't do before and after power runs, but the improvements were certainly there. I was a bit concerned because this guy is the fussiest customer I have ever had, and is ready to point out any issues even before they are issues.
But I reckon I "broke" him this time, I saw him actually smile during a rapid test drive (him driving).
Thanks for a truly fantastic product

Sean Day S&J Auto Adelaide S.A

It was an MY00 with a VF23, we installed a "TEK 2"  as ordered to suit the application, then I hooked up my laptop to the coupling under the dash (previously for Subaru Dealers use only!). The laptop is carrying the ECUTEK Delta Dash software and license key, which now allows me to go online "live" with any Subaru MY99 or later. I can watch the operation of any signal or sensor in analogue or graph form, I can watch and save as many graphs as I wish.

After our first test drive I was overwhelmed and impressed, I rang Paul @ MRT, who is responsible for this at MRT Performance, to ask a couple of tech questions, and mentioned that even though the car is performing well I noticed that the total timing at max load was only 11 deg. He said drive and watch. As it turns out Paul puts 10 deg in @ max load then if it is safe and all of the sensors are working 100% the timing increases as you drive, with the knock sensor in full control (self tuning at last   awesome!).

The only little bit of actual tuning I had to do was finding the correct size oriffice (in the wastegate hose) for perfect boost control, which I might add is the best boost control I have ever seen. 18 psi in first and second gears and 16.8 in the taller gears, opposite to normal, impossible to achieve with a bleed and perfect for performance and safety.

The air/fuel ratio was running at a safe 11.6:1 (exactly as Paul had said it would), with the cruise mixtures and all other drivability parameters unchanged.

All of this for $1500.00 RRP.To me as the installer/tuner one of the best features is only being 1 phone call away from the person who actually wrote the program, not unlike any of the dealings that we have had with MRT so far.

MY01 & 02 coming next week and STI in January, we are installing TEK 2 in our MY02 next week and having Autospeed do an independent analysis. Full report then.

S & J.