Subaru WRX MY02 ECU tune long term report, Abused and still goes well!

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From: Andy Wright
Sent: Monday, 11 October 2010 12:35:03 AM
To: MRT Information Requests
Subject: MRT Performance: Long term report 

This is an enquiry e-mail via from:Andy Wright

Hi Brett,
Just thought I'd comment on the excellent work MRT does, and hope you can use it in your newsletter or website to encourage prospective customers to use MRT. Please feel free to edit as you wish.

I own a MY-02 WRX, with numerous modifications, too long to list, but essentially a MRT built weekend track car, with 195kws ATW.
I have punished this car to the limit, with numerous supersprints, skidpans & hillclimbs. Lots of sliding off the clutch at 7000rpm & lots of bouncing off the rev limiter around circuits.
I don’t recommend abusing your car like I do, it’s just to give you an idea.
It has even crossed the Nullabor twice towing 1000kgs of trailer!
Now, with 140000kms on the clock, it still feels very tight & competitive, and never misses a beat. 
It's worth mentioning it's race history briefly. 
Second in the WRX class of the NSW WRX club 06
Second in STi class in 07 (even though it's not an Sti)
Second in the King Edward Park Hillclimb in 07 (improved production)
First in the Tamworth Hillclimb 07& 5th in the Australian Championships at Bathurst 07
(Unfortunately the last couple of years I have been unable to race due to a  family illness)

Whilst me, "the driver" still needs alot of work, the performance of the car is faultless, and here I must give credit to MRT for creating such a well balanced & well tuned car.
Nothing major has gone wrong with it over a 6 year period, but I have witnessed many non MRT cars at the track that have had major issues after a much shorter period of time.
Apart from a rocker cover gasket, a leaking ‘0’ ring, and a faulty power steering hose (all Subaru parts, not MRT), this car has been sublime.
I highly recommend MRT for all your performance work & exceptional customer service.
Be safe in the knowledge that these guys really do know their stuff.

Brett, Chris, Julian & all the workshop boys have done a brilliant job with my car. I can’t thank you enough.

Andy Wright(Sydney)