Subaru WRX MY01

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"Hi Brett - I've finally got the chance to sit down & write to you about my WRX as promised. I own a MY01 WRX which I've owned since new. I leased the car for 3 years through my work and decided to buy it outright at the end of the lease because the balloon payment was relatively low. I loved the car but because I'd had it for 3 years, the thrill was wearing off & I was considering trading it in on a new model or on a STI to get bit more grunt. However when I looked into it, the trade up price was in the order of $20 to $30k (for the STI). So, I thought I should consider getting some basic mods to breath some life into the old girl instead.

I think I made "the classic" mistake that many WRX owners make. I called into a local performance exhaust joint. They recommended a 3" stainless steel Hi-Tech full exhaust which they said would give me an extra 20kw. I read up about Hi-Tech on the internet and it had some good reports, so I forked over around $2k and drove away delighted...for a very short while. For the first few days the car reacted violently to the new exhaust. Power was full on, with huge lag on the turbo giving a whip like effect. Over the next couple of days the car seamed to settle down until finally after a week or so, the increased power seemed to disappear altogether. I mentioned this to a business associate in Melb who also had a WRX. He told me the computer "relearns" and prevents the engine behaving so erratically to prevent engine damage, and that overtime it removes the initial power gains from the exhaust. He also recommended MRT who had worked on his car & said they'd done a great job. Feeling as though I'd wasted $2k, I went back to the exhaust joint who told me this was "normal" and they recommended a chip mod. Thanks for telling me guys, after you sold me the exhaust without mentioning it - jerks.

So I decided to contact MRT. After a good chat to Brett, I purchased a XB upgrade (minus the exhaust) and I have never looked back. The car has a whole new feel and the power gains are just stunning. The power is very usable, kicking in at lower revs and builds solidly throughout the rev range. The increased torque was amazing. It now pulls from higher gears easily, something that I just did't do when it was stock standard. It has more power than I can use and is just a very enjoyable drive, even in traffic (I commute from the Hills district to Pyrmont
every day) Basically I feel I've added another 3-4 years life to the car. I just would't consider trading it in at the moment. Maybe until the 2.5ltr WRX finally arrives.

I would have no hesitation in recommending MRT. They knew what they were talking about, they recommended the right upgrade pack to suit me and the cars performance over delivered on my expectations. Thanks"
........Glenn Checkley