MRT XB kit plus more

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Sent: Friday, 29 February 2008 8:04 AM
Brett Middleton
Re: my new WRX

Hi Brett,

I had an XB kit, front and rear sway bars, anti-lift kit and 4000 series rotors with MRT pads fitted yesterday. I had been disappointed with the stock performance in the first 18 months of ownership, but wasn't sure that $6,000 of mods would give me the car I was looking for. Was I wrong. The car is unbelievable now - not just the performance - it now sounds like a WRX should with that beautiful boxer note, the glorious sound of the turbo spooling up - I love it. I wish I had done this a long time ago.

I am by nature a conservative sort of bloke, so was worried the modifications would be too much for the car. If anything it feels stronger and more comfortable - I can actually use 4th gear in traffic!

Again, from someone who is quite conservative and loath to risk tinkering with "nature", if anything the car now feels like it is only now in a more "natural" state.

Highly recommended.

I look forward to the XC kit at some stage.

Also, I found your staff extremely helpful, knowledgeable and obviously passionate about what they do - very reassuring.