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“So, after much deliberation and research, I decided to engage MRT in Sydney with the EcuTeK ECU retune.
At the same time I also took Brett's advice and had a Cold Air Intake fitted as well.

Well, it's been over a month since I picked up the car from MRT and I can honestly say that the B4 is performing like a completely different animal, and yet returning similar if not better fuel economy than previously (very important especially now!).
I can feel the torque coming on strong sooner in the rev range (around 2000 rpm, as Paul found) and the VOD transition is very different (hard to describe, but it's nowhere near as noticeable as it used to be).
At the very least I don't have to be worried about changing gears at the wrong revs and being left in no man's land anymore.
I have tried the B4 at various locations where I was familiar with it's shortcomings, and I can definitely tell the car is completely different. Where I used to have to, say, downshift a gear to be sure I was going to have enough pickup to drive out of a sharp corner or go up a hill, I now can choose to remain in the next gear up.
There is still a hesitation as the boost builds, but where it used to take say a second or two before you would feel the car get going, it now only takes half a sec or one sec at most.
Also, once the 2nd turbo comes on the surge is smooth but powerful all the way to the rev limit.
I've also been watching the boost levels and they've been rock solid (at WOT in 2nd gear anyway).

Name witheld, (for privacy reasons) 

Also, although the weather hasn't quite warmed up enough to really tell, I haven't noticed any more pinging. Where it used to ping a little (ok, a LOT!) even in mild to warm ambient temps (25 degrees, say) in traffic, after the retune there has been no noticeable pinging whatsoever. I know some of that can be attributed to the addition of the cold air intake, but even if I had just added that without the EcuTeK retune I'm sure I would still have had pinging (esp when the hot weather came).

So, to me, the EcuTeK retune has satisfied me on two counts: it's a safe and reliable (no pinging, max boost is around 15psi, and generally it's lower on the primary turbo regardless) performance enhancement that is fully backed by a local tuner (MRT here in Sydney), AND it has reduced my fuel consumption levels (because the performance has increased and the maps have been optimised, so I don't have to drive it as hard to achieve the same result and therefore I use less fuel).

I didn't opt to get a before and after dyno chart as I felt that if my 'seat of the pants' dyno couldn't feel the difference then there was no point anyway. I will however consider a dyno run in future if I do any further mods.

In this case, the difference was great enough that another friend (who has a stock B4) who drove my B4 after the mods was rethinking whether to do the same EcuTeK retune himself or not. This was significantly different to his original opinion, which was that it was not going to be worth the cost compared to other things he could spend the money on.

So, I wholeheartedly echo Paul's experiences and comments, and want to add that, compared with any other mods I have tried with my car, the EcuTeK retune and cold air intake are definitely the most worthwhile and satisfying.

Sorry to steal your thread Paul, I just wanted to support your vote of confidence and enjoyment as well :-)"

Regards, Danny Ma