Ford XR 6 Turbo Independant test by magazine and editor feedback

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Click here for a larger view"Brett,
I just wanted to drop you and the MRT gang a note to say once again how impressed I am with the work you’ve carried out on the STFORD BA XR6 Turbo. It’s really amazing to think that with relatively minor bolt-on modifications you can get over 270kW at the rear wheels and still have a car that’s totally driveable in peak-hour traffic, yet turns into a snarling ferocious animal when you get it out on your favourite section of driver’s road.

 I can’t begin to tell you what a smile I get on my face every time I drive the thing, and funnily enough, it’s not even the power that impresses most. Since the flash tune upgrade, the amount of torque produced in the midrange is nothing short of phenomenal. When I drive it now I rarely have to go any further than half throttle in any situation, as the amount of torque on tap from standstill is just freakish. I’ve said it to you before, but the closest sensation I’ve ever felt to it is the shove in the back you get when an airliner goes to full power as it takes off down a runway. One point of particular interest to me was the Hyperflow intercooler that you installed. Being near to double the size of the factory unit I certainly expected it to improve the heat-sink issue (which it has done in spades) but what I didn’t expect – and am pleasantly surprised at – is that the car runs noticeably cooler in all situations – to the point where the difference is measurable on the temp gauge.

Lastly, I must thank you for your advice on replacing the dump pipe and catalytic converter. I was amazed to see the car pulling this sort of power and still be running the factory exhaust from the cat back. Expect a call from me early in the New Year to arrange for MRT to continue work on upgrading the engine, as I’ve been extremely happy with the quality of workmanship and level of service that you and your team have provided. Best Wishes to you and everyone for the holiday season,"
.......Jason Woodford - Street Fords Magazine Editor Click here for more info