Subaru MY08 STi MRT XB Power kit

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As requested feedback associated with the STI:

Hardly any turbo lag – fantastic

It feels like there are consistent levels of torque while accelerating – fantastic.

When rolling down a hill in 2nd or 3rd gear with your foot off the accelerator and the revs (going up or down) between 2500 and 3000 rpm there is a physical surge in power.

 As a general note on the exhaust – it sounds great but the finish on the pipes are neither shiny stainless nor a matt finish.  I personally think they would look awesome if they were a matt black outside and  – but I don’t think that can be done.

Breaks are fantastic. The break pedal seems to have movement in it even when you stomp on it. Not sure if that’s just a new STI thing to make the car softer

Short shift is awesome. Thanks to the boys at GFB.

This has nothing to do with you but I think the feedback would help construct an overall picture: 

When accelerating in a straight line or through corners the front feels like it jumps straight up, which makes the steering feel really light. This would be something that Whiteline should look into improving

Generally the car feels like it needs more down force at speed. The faster you go the lighter and touchier the steering becomes. Not sure why and I am not sure if it’s just a personal observation.

Clutch feels very light – once again that’s a personal thing coming from the MY05 RE

Hope this helps.


rohan panikkar