Subaru MY09 Forester and feedback from Motor Mag photographer

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On the dynoAt MRT, its always nice to hear the client is happy with work that we do, but it that's bit nicer when the car we work on is well known to all those Motor Magazine subscribers.

Christian Brunelli's black MY09 Forester XT has a a few modifications since he bought it, and on a recent tuning trip to Melbourne he booked it in for an EcuteK factory ECU upgrade. The car already had a turbo  back exhaust and needed a bleed valve (to control erratic boost), but the power delivery was not smooth with boost surge and the engine was not running to its potential.

The upgrade netted 30kw and a massive 40% increase in torque. Was Christian happy?

Ben at work"The first thing I noticed on the road was just how much smoother the power delivery was . . . . whilst the increased top end power is great, its the low down torque that you will enjoy most . . . . the amazing part is the improvement in fuel economy . . . ."


"the biggest test was how my wife would react . . . after a run into town and back which involved her lighting up all four tyres . . . and basically caning it everywhere, I think it passed!"

Read the full story in the June edition of Motor Magazine.
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