Mazda CX7 ECU custom tune

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From: Josh & Corina Simmons [] 
Sent: Monday, 1 October 2012 5:58 PM
To: Brett Middleton
Subject: MRT Performance Mazda CX7 - Country Trip Update 

Hi Brett 
During the long weekend we decided to take a Road trip in the CX7 and I wanted to provide you with some feed back as this is the first decent trip I have done since having the ECUTEK (without the boat on the back). 

  • Vehicle Details:  Mazda CX7 2011 
  • Luxury Sport 2.3L Turbo
  • KMS on vehicle:  15,673
  • Petrol Used:  Shell V Power 98
  • MRT Enhancements:  ECUTEK Tune and K & N Filter 
  • Trip Details:  Camden to Bathurst, Bathurst to Rylstone (via Sofala), Rylstone to Camden

Trip Distance:  607 kms
Average Speed:  62 km/h (According to trip computer)
Fuel Average:  11.2 L/100 kms (According to trip computer) 

As it was a long weekend, most of the trip was completed with cruise control set (Between 80 and 100 kms).  
A normal driving style was used with no “economy” techniques applied.  
If I had to over-take, I would (and make use of the power available) with the A/C turned on for 75% of the trip.   
I can honestly say that the Mazda is improved with the ECUTEK tune as a touring vehicle in both Performance and Fuel economy.  
When I get the next service carried out, I would also like to discuss suspension etc. 

I can also recommend the ECUTEK tune for anyone who uses a CX7 as a tow vehicle.  
I tow a 17.5FT Bowrider (Bayliner 175) and with the ECUTEK the car tows the boat with less hassle and better fuel economy. 

THe SP25 is also due for a service in a couple of weeks so I will see you then! 

Kind regards

Josh & Corina Simmons
xxxxx xx xxxx
Harrington Park
NSW 2567


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