Mitsubishi EVO 9 tuned by MRT at recent trip to Melbourne

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From: Damian Adamson []
Sent: Friday, 2 October 2009 5:12 PM
Subject: Thankyou Damian Adamson Evo 9 VIC

Hi there Brett,

I just wanted to thank-you, your team and contractor (Rev zone, VIC.) for giving me 3-4 years of talk and turning that talk into reality. 
I just picked up my Evo 9 after the XB kit and some handling modifications where fitted and had such great pleasure driving it home (I went the long...long... detoured way home as you would imagine). 
Even with a few minor concerns separate to your work (faulty factory idle speed controller) MRT has improved what was a good platform car,  and transformed my car that far exceeded my expectations.  

I am more than happy to direct anyone wishing to have a similar experience your way but I think MRT’s quality products will do more than speak for itself.

Professionalism with Quality equals MRTs soaring respect and reputation and I always give credit where its due. 


Damian Adamson

P.S if you need a person of reference for MRT’s product in Victoria I would be happy to help anytime M: 0401-201-318.