Melbourne Tuning Trip Feedback

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Dear Brett,

sorry for the late reply. Its taken me awhile to test the car. have done 2000km since the tune.
Thankyou for the work done on my vehicle. the car is more drivable on a daily basis. I did't like the high fuel usage.
Fuel consumption was in the high 14s driving and shifting like granny.
After the tune the boost comes on more nicely.. Fuel consumption is down to the mid 12s with normal driving and the occasional WOT. very happy with getting 400km+ per tank with city driving.
Only down side was i did't get the the power/torque figure i was hoping for. no fault with the tune or the tuner.
I was told I had a turbo back exhaust from another workshop but when the car was inspected with your tuner, I was told I had a cat back exhaust.
Bummer, if i knew earlier i would of asked if the evo9 exhaust system you guys design would fit on my evo8 and had it installed and tuned all together.
Please send me info and regards to your tuner. (i'm sorry but i forgot his name). very professional and answered all questions i had for him.
Made me feel the car was in good hands.
Well worth it.