MY08 WRX Suspension miracle

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"To Brett and Doug,
I am writing this email to say thank you and to express how astonished i am with how the car is now. I never really thought the car handled to badly until i took it for a test drive yesterday. It has completly transformed the car. The Steering is so direct and instant, understeer has been greatly reduced, although i think my worn out tyres are making it worse than it should be, and it does't feel like my door mirrors are going to scrape on the ground during hard cornering either. I am really looking forward the the next track day to see how much these mods will improve my lap times, and also compare photos from previous track days to see the reduction in body roll.

The ' Walking The Whiteline' article in motor mag really does not do this kit justice, and i have only half the products installed. I could carry on for pages about how the car does this so much better or how the car does that so much better but i wont. I would like to say that i really wish that i knew somebody else who owns an my08 wrx so that i could recommend this kit to them because any one that owns an my08 wrx that does't have this kit fitted is really missing out. Just to follow on from this point i have read a few letters in motor mag i think it was, about owners of my08 wrx's being a bit upset and feeling robbed by subaru over the improvements to the 09 wrx. To these people i say, spend a bit of money on your car, get a power kit and a handling pack, it will not only be better than an 09 wrx, with the right kit it will be better than an 08 sti. Anyway im starting to ramble.

Thank you again."