Best brand backed up by best service

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"Hi Brett, Thanks for your and the team's time today. I just wanted to say that, for what my opinion is worth, I find the
customer experience at MRT to be great and that it is really evident that you have thought out every aspect of your service. The ability to work and access the internet, approachable and well spoken staff, a genuine effort as ensuring client needs are met, seeking feedback...even the nice little MRT keyring things (vs crappy bit of card), they all say quality to me. I would definitely recommend to others that they use MRT for car service and all your other offerings. Your service is far above manufacturer dealers for example.

I guess your coach has helped with such things but it's gotta be your commitment to such quality that really drives things, and I am really pleased to be able to contribute in my little way. AFAIAC your 'brand'is all of the above, not just a logo and marketing collateral - the whole client experience needs to be cohesive and yours is great in that sense."
......Cheers, Steve