Unbreakable gearsets

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"Dear Brett,
Hi I wanted to catch up with you after the Forest rally to let you know how things are going with the unbreakable gear set. We have run it now in two events last years Telstra Rally Australia and the first round of the Australian Rally Championship (The Respect Yourself Forest Rally) and it is still surprising us. With the power our car is outputting now it is a great feeling knowing the gears underneath you can take it.

We lit up all four wheels on the two starts on Friday night in Busselton (The Respect Yourself Forest Rally) and thought it may have been a concern, however since the event we have opened up the box and the teeth still look like the day they went in. After Telstra Rally Australia and the Forest rally I would have expected some wear on the teeth particularly as I am still learning how to drive with the dog box but there wasn’t a single chip or wear mark on them. For the shear spectator and sponsorship value I won’t have an issue lighting it up again this box can take it.

Thanks for all your help,