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Re: Robert Grooms

Dear Sir/madam,


I am writing to you to express our personal and deepest thanks and gratitude for all the assistance that you’re above employee has provided to us in getting a shipment off to Cape Town in South Africa.



I am certain that without the personal assistance and attention to detail, along with Roberts extensive product knowledge, we would have never got this project off the ground.


I had been bummed off from several other suppliers, including DBA its self before I arrive at MRT and for a person that has spent some 40 plus years in the manufacturing side of the Auto Industry, your Robert had both extensive product knowledge as well as being very articulate.


Please contact me on 0419 XXX 200 to discuss this matter furthers if you require.   As we intend to contact Robert in the future, as my colleges in Cape Town see a possibility of expanding their business in the areas supported by your product selection.


Kind Regards


Robert Gash