Astonished with non turbo exhaust

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"Thanks for the work on the RX last Friday. It took a few days for your exhaust system to 'settle in', but now I'm quite astonished with the difference in power and smoothness. The familiar hesitation problems and power drop in the 3000-4500 rpm rev range have all disappeared. I think this must be due to the restrictive oem headers, although initially I thought it may have been caused by an over-sensitive knock sensor. I actually have a smooth, luscious torque band to play with, meaning I can correct around fast corners using the throttle - something that was a very random event before. The car doesn't bog down on low rpm launches, it just pulls smoothly all the way to the redline. I honestly never thought my car would do this. I've actually lost it into oversteer several times on wet roads, under acceleration. You may be used to a WRX, but this is actually quite impressive for a naturally aspirated AWD. All in all, the car is much more flexible and nimble, and those GTis and Pulsars are no way near as irritating as they were before! "
.....Adrian Fisse