alloy pulley kit actually works

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"Hi fellas - I'm just writing on Brett's suggestion and give feedback on the 'GFB PULLEY KIT' you installed on my MY01/02 WRX a few weeks ago.

 Note: Car already has ECUTEK 'XB' upgrade.

Overall, I'm impressed and very happy with the difference in performance and drivability I've noticed since installing the pulley kit. The engine feels 'lighter', is more responsive and revs out smoother from low revs. Gear changes seem smoother as the engine revs hold better b/w changes. The car does seem to have accelerate from low revs more briskly , especially in 'normal' day to day driving. That claimed 5-9 kw power increase may be true!
(Haven't had the chance to test in the top end revs).

The most noticeable difference is at idle and low revs. Idle is noticeably quieter with less overall engine noise and vibration. With the quieter engine, it sounds more sedan-like now except for the nice rumble from the 3'inch exhaust and oval muffler. So this aspect might not please the younger guys.

At very low revs, the car is also a lot more 'drivable' in peak hour stop/start Sydney traffic or plodding around carparks. I find I don't need to play with the clutch or gear up/down b/w 1st and 2nd to avoid stalling. On level ground, I can just leave it in 2nd and the engine spins freely without risk of stalling.

So overall, a minor but great upgrade for the Rex for the $400 or so ."
..........cheers Steven Ellis