Mitsubishi Triton 3.2 l Turbo Diesel upgrade

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Feedback received to MRT from Trtton owner Darren Drew.......
Got the milk this afternoon....took me two hours:
A gentle, not-quite-so agricultural rumble from the exhaust is the first thing I notice as I pull out of the driveway, and the rumble turns into something of a satisfying growl under acceleration. This is the first give away that the old girl has had some professional work done....
the second giveaway is how she pulls away from the lights. Acceleration from standstill is very rapid, with a powerful power surge coming in at roughly 1800rpm and staying strong until 3000rpm, and willingly revs out to 4000rpm without running into the massive wall of “nothing there” like the old tune. Beyond 3200rpm acceleration is a little less persistent, but she will happily still push all the way to 4000rpm, where in the past she would gasp and wheeze and basically scream “forget it!”.

The new map seems to idle slightly higher than the old one, hovering on or above 800rpm at the lights. But its between 1800rpm and 3000rpm where the business happens....and there is a lot of business happening! There is so much torque willingly her along that the next gear arrives in a damn fast hurry, if anything this upgrade only serves to highlight the too short gearing in high range, and will likely make low range even more stump-pulling tractor like.

Even with the larger 265/75 tyres wheel spin can be achieved in 1st and 2nd although with the current price of BFG's I wont be testing that out too often! Its been so long since I have run the standard ECU map I forget how good this upgrade is.....but I do know this new map is such a massive improvement over the old one, which I loved already. Dare I say it, but it drives like a petrol, but with all the torque of a diesel! There is less rev management required as the power is nicely spread through the rev range, but for those times when you need bucket loads of torque, simply look for the 2k mark on the tacho and there is almost limitless amounts of it there to be tapped.

The most impressive feature however has to be the drive ability. Its obvious a lot of work has gone into getting this right, cause the Tritons on-road manners are simply superb, and yet with so much more oomph when needed. This is not some magic fix that delivers torque or power that comes on like a light switch.....the improvement is right across the rev range, AND with less smoke and noise than factory.

I have yet to test fuel consumption and will report back as figures come to light, but for now my summary would have to be, do it!!! In the past, if asked, I have been a little undecided if the upgrade was worth the money, and those who have asked will know I would shuffle my feet a little, and my answer would be full of maybes and sort of's. This new map removes all the reservations and hesitations I had in recommending this as a viable upgrade for all Triton owners. This is a must have mod, particularly if your towing or carrying extra weight.

Well done Chris and MRT! Bloody top job!