Subaru STi MY06 XB Kit

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"Hi Brett, thought that I would give you some feedback on the work you guys did on my 2006 STI. Whist the car had only done 3000 odd kms, I needed more performance, and dare I say a more sporty sound! Your advice to go to an XB kit was followed, and I have not been disappointed on any front. Perceived performance is up (I have not had it on a track yet), fuel economy has improved, the car IS more driveable, and it sounds like an STI should. The thing that impressed me most was the quality of the work done, and as I am fastidious about my cars appearance, the manner in which you treated “my baby” was superb. As a result, I trusted you with my first log book service, and as expected, I was equally impressed. Thanks for your guidance and work, and rest assured that I will recommend MRT to any one looking to have quality work done on their cars." ............Neil