Subaru Forester XT MY2006 Power kit

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(As supplied via e-mail to MRT)

Morning Brett,

Just wanted to give a bit of feedback on the forester, it is truly awsome!
The ECUTEK tune has made a massive difference to the every aspect of driving the car.

It has a lot more power in the mid range, it spools up a lot more aggressively and instantly which makes it a lot of fun to drive. It really has a great mid range pull, even 1/3 to half throttle it starts to really move, I have already surprised a few cars off the line.  
The gear changes also seem faster, I not sure if that is because the car is going through the rpm faster but regardless it feels more performance oriented now rather than another family bus.

I am also very interested to see how the fuel economy goes with ‘normal’ driving. 
I will be recommending MRT and ECUTEK to everyone I can.
Out of every car I have owned the ECUTEK is by far the best bang for buck mod, and I would say the best mod I have done. 
The off boost driving, cold starts, air con operation is as factory, sitting in peak hour traffic didn’t cause any issues I can honestly say I will never be buying an aftermareket ECU again! I have seen the light

Thanks again