Subaru STi MY99 XB Power Kit. feedback from Subaru dealer sales manager

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"Hi Guys Last night I had the joy of competing in 1/4 drag racing at WSID. Must admit that I was a little nervous with anticipation as I have not counted down a Christmas tree for 15 years. I was curious to know what times I would achieve and have a bit of fun at the same time. I also needed to get the car up to a high speed to ensure the earlier electrical gremlin I experienced does not surface at the EC super sprint. Not wanting to exceed the speed limit on a public road by too much I thought that a drag race would be in order. The interesting display of cars was a bonus, everything from street machines, ex taxis, Bogan specials, fast fours & rotaries, dedicated drag cars and or course WRX's. Only had 3 runs for the night as it was very busy. I wanted a good time straight away so I dialled up about 6000 RPM let the clutch quickly and rowed through all the gears with a semi flat change, changing gears at 7000rpm.. First relief was that the drivetrain held together, the second surprise was the time of 12.6 @ 175km/hr. I was hoping for a 12.9 or so but to get a lower time was a bonus.I had a lot of wheel spin on the first pass so I thought I would try less revs and tried 5000 rpm and changing gears at 6700rpm. The car had less wheel spin, felt a little better but had a marginally slower time of 12.7 @175km/hr.The third pass I was kicked off due to excessive use of the water spray, pre stage. Officials thought my car developed a water leak and I had to plead with them to let me back on. I should not have bothered lining up again as I lost concentration at the lights and did not dial up enough revs and the car bogged the start badly , resulting in a slow time of 13.1 , same terminal speed.It is interesting to note that the terminal speed did not change in all 3 runs, as this is a direct result of the power of the engine. Times are only effected by the technique used. I was happy with the result as the only performance mods on my cay which is a 99 V6 STi is a MRT XB kit and water spray. The XB kit consists of a full exhaust (quietest of course) with splitter, custom tune EcuTek, cold air intake, car runs a safe tune with only 17PSI as I will be doing lots of super sprinting with it. In this environment of constant workshop criticism I would like to thank Brett Middleton for doing a great job on the car.On the way home I could't wipe the smile off my face as I had lots of fun and the satisfaction of knowing that with a small investment I can out-accelerate all new production cars except a handful of exotic supercars.....I would highly recommend club members participate in this sport, lots of joy to be had for only $45..." .....Regards George Trohidis “Subaru STi Sales Manager Tynan Motors”.