Subaru WRX MY06 power kit XC

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"Hi Brett, Sorry for the delay in getting this to you mate!! Let me start by saying one word... WOW!!!!The difference in the car between the standard car and the car with the XB kit was incredible. The car with the XC kit is now an absolute rocket ship. In saying that the car is a rocket ship it is also very comfortable and easy to drive on my daily commute through the city traffic, if anything the car is easier drive with the massive torque kicking in earlier and stronger than before the car was modified.The car has a slightly more turbo lag due to the larger VF30 turbo but this is still minimal. Once the turbo has spooled up you are thrown back in the seat and the car is off like stink!!!! Mid range power is also greatly increased making the car a much more enjoyable drive. The increase in performance has been so great that I am now looking for ways of bringing the rest of the package up to scratch in terms of suspension and brakes.To Brett and the team at MRT well done on delivering a package that not only provides stunning performance but one that is safe and reliable." .......Regards, Chris