Subaru Liberty MY06 power kit and exhaust feedback

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From: Clarke, Gary [] To: Information Requests Subject: 06 Liberty GTB To Ben Taylor, Just a quick note on my GTB after your work before xmass, Im very pleased with my car the improvement in performance is outstanding, particulary the torque & bottom end power, i towed a heavy trailer to Swan Hill and back at Xmass and we hardly knew it was behind us. we did over 3000 km although it knocked the fuel economy around which is to be expected, Under normal highway conditions I think the fuel economy may be improved definaly no worse I tend to drive in S# , the driveability is better in S especially around town a little jumpy in S# my wife always drives in S, probaly safer that way, never use I, I think the new S is like the old S# ,i do't mind the exhaust its a  very nice sound I thought my wife and baby might complain after 3000km but they did't she drives the car more than me to, I look foward to getting in to it every time, some of my workshop customers have been in it they ca't beleive how well it goes, mostly Subaru people to, they think Im a petrol head, its good for business, to me it seems to go better than my old 03 WRX which had the XB kit, over all Im very happy with it, Im happy to comment any time about my car.   Regards, Gary Clarke Skitube Head Controller Perisher Blue Pty Limited Tel: 0264594XXX Fax: 02 6456XXXX Email: