Subaru Forester MY04 XT MRT Power kit feedback

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Dear Brett,As promised a long time ago, a report on towing my Caravan a 16' ADVANCE  "Town & Country" model, with my Subaru Forester XT manual with the MRT Ecutek  XB kit. We travelled  altogether about 12,000kms,  That was from Canberra and ending up at Cooktown Far North Queensland.(return)We were away for 3 1/2 months. (Between June and September this year)The Forster with the upgrade kit was fantastic ,with "bags" of torque to tow my Caravan which of course was fully loaded to the limit of the towing capacity for a Forester which is about 14500kilos.The only slight problem I had was finding enough Service Stations that stocked 95 ron petrol!!A few times I had to resort to 95ron only, at one stage it was touch and go to make it to Cooktown as about midway there was only the Palmer River Road House station that had only unleaded  91 and of course diesel fuel. I guess the solution would have been to have a spare jerry can of 98 ron with me.Especially going uphill the massive torque of the XB kit was just unbelievable ,I was overtaking cars that would have been impossible with just an ordinary non turbo car.Also Overtaking large semi trailers and Road trains was possible  due to the safety accept of the extra power and torque I had.I would recommend anyone towing a caravan with a Forester to have the Ecutek MRT upgrade done as it certainly helped me enjoy my holiday a little better knowing that I had that little extra in being able to pass and not stress the motor.Regards and a Merry Christmas Brett and Staff,Alex (TEX) IhaszSubaru Forester XT MY04  (Manual with MRT "XB" Kit)