Subaru Forester Turbo 2500cc XT power kit feedback

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"I guess everyone has been asking about the XC kit. I thought everyone would be commenting. I had mine for a while now it does 4's 0-100 now 2nd question was it worth it. I answer that by what happened the other night. This 200sss that had this huge front mount intercooler lowered till it was virtually scrapping on the ground big tail and an exhaust you could put you head in just finished blowing away a 350 Commodore by a couple lengths when down the road a bit further I ended beside them both in my shopping trolley with roof racks at a set of lights that seem to take forever with them reving away. Nice straight up a hill road. So lights turn green I launch pretty hard wheelspinning slightly Commodore was toasted pretty much straight away by us ricers every gear change I was pulling away to the sounds of his blowoff valve. He was that surprised he turned off where I turned off and followed me till the next round about and U turned the way he came. Yeah its a great package and I have no regrets. I want to do more with my suspension and brakes and am waiting for MRT to finish the Cam R&D before making another commercial decision about my next upgrades."