Subaru Liberty MY10 Exhaust noise feedback and XB power kit

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Hi Quentin/Brett,

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for the recent upgrades that were done to my Liberty GT. 
The new mufflers fitted are really just perfect for the application  I am one very happy customer as a result....and so is the all important wife!

Whilst I was a bit concerned at the process by which we suddenly arrived at a set of different mufflers fitted to what I was expecting (a bit more communication would help in this regard), but you guys obviously had my best interests in mind all the time which I appreciate.

And regardless the end result is a fantastic one which keeps the wife and family happy and still allows the petrol head hubby to drive around with some purpose and vigor. 
I'm enjoying plodding around town and not having to always mash the throttle and risk fines just to hear or feel anything. 

But also when out on the open road and I do mash it as the opportunity presents, the response is amazing.

Thanks again for all your efforts.

Robert Palazzolo