Video comment on Project EVO

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Hi Brett,

I'd just like to say good on you and thanks for uploading those 2 videos on the Evo 7, that is by far the most useful information I've had on my new car yet!
I've only had mine for just over a month and I'm absolutely loving it. I didn't realise that tuning after modifications made such a difference, but that is now on the top of my to-do list after watching your video. As far as I know, the ECU is at factory settings, but the car has had everything including a turbo-back 3 inch exhaust, full HKS induction system, external wastegate etc. done to it. I've noticed especially when the car is cold it is hard to keep the revs up when driving up my driveway, so I'm hoping that a tune up will fix that, along with improving fuel economy and overall power. There's a place in my city with a 4WD dyno that deal with Evo's (including some local rally ones) so I'll probably take it to them.

I'm currently running about 1.2 bar (which I think is about 17-18 psi?) I have read of people running them at 22 psi with no issues but I don't want to risk frying anything by running that amount. It gives enough of a kick as it is :)

Anyway, thanks again.


Matt Cleland