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Hi Brett,
I recently have had my car serviced by your team at MRT and would just like to compliment you on the outstanding customer service, professionalism and support your staff have been able to offer.
I have owned various performance vehicles in the past with many of them gracing the pages of local tuner magazines and car shows however due to the lack professionalism and support within the industry I turned away from my passion for modified / performance vehicles for over 7 years now.
My experience with past tuning houses such as Croyden Auto Sports, Buckley St Auto tech and Pac performance just to name a few many years ago leave little to be desired and following the outstanding support your team has provided can assure you many more returns from myself as well as recommendations to fellow work colleagues and friends.
To summarise on what you should keep on doing that made your services stand out from others: 
Comprehensive Website and online shop, Service reminder Text Messaging, customer show room & refreshment facilities, and most importantly single contact 1 on 1 customer service.
Finally I would just like to add that my car is performing outstandingly and if you could please pass on my thanks to Julian for all his knowledgeable support and friendly customer service it would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,