Happy Evo VII Owner

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Dear MRT,

I just want to tell you about what happened on Saturday night as I think you will get a kick out of it.

I was cruising along the hume highway, with a mate, just giving it a squirt here and there and just before we were about to hit the freeway, I was approached by a modifed VY R8 commodore, I'm sure you know R8's are the "big daddy" of HSV's, sporting 285kW stock and this one had a full exhaust system. I slowed down at the lights so I could take a closer look. The commodore driver rolled down the window and said "what have you done to this brother?...it sounds very nice". I told him it was stock, and gave a cheeky grin.

Obviously we wanted to do the right thing so we immediately went to Eastern Ck raceway as they had a drag ebvening on that night! At the drag strip we both revved our engines and on green, we went for it.

I did a perfect launch and managed to turn all 4 tyres a couple of times, the car sling-shotted forward leaving the R8 way behind. I'll take this opportunity right now to tell you how much I love my car! Not only did I beat him I beat him by at least 2 car lengths, it was only after 200 kms/h that he began to (slowly) gain on me. After the race the first thing he said was "Bullshit that it's stock!". Laughing and surprised. He told me he has raced a few EVO's before and that many people have trouble launching them. He also said mine was the first one that had beaten him.

Brett I'm so impressed with the car, it continues to impress me day after day. I'm now officially an R8 killer! Since I imported the car I drove it for 6 months and I thought it was good then, after I spoke to a friend he told me to take it to MRT and I then realised how bad it was. One good example was I did not know that all Jap cars are supposed to run on 100 ron fuel I ran mine for 3 months on 98!!. It cost me a fortune in excess fuel cause the ECU was protecting the engine from pinging, anyway I can rant on for ages, I have learnt so much with your help and recommend ANYBODY with a EVO to come and see you guys BEFORE they buy one!


Happy EVO 7 owner!