Mitsubishi Triton 3.2 litre Diesel Turbo results for modified vehicle

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EcuTeK Fuel Consumption Results

Postby daryn on Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:49 pm

I now have some interim fuel results for new tune:

Highway Run
Newcastle then headed North on Pacific Hwy towards Taree.
399.40km round trip
42.82 litres consumed
10.72 lt/100km
12.50 lt/100km as stated on computer
Tyres - 265/70r17 MTZ Mickey T's (brand new) Mud Terrains.
Speeds driven at 114km/hr in all 110 zones, about 103/104 in all 100 zones, majority of road is 110km, twisty and up and down. Temp coming home 30 deg initially, finished at 26 deg. Had about 310km at halfway mark not corrected, which is 331 corrected. Wish I had 245's on it :) .

Previous best was 10.57lt/100km way back in April driving to Canberra with ChipIt installed in colder weather running ATZ Mickey T's All Terrains.

Town Run - have not bothered yet.

All calculations are done at pump and multiplying distance by 1.07 to correct tyre size.
Since fitting new tyres speedo now states an actual 100km/hr whilst gps states 103km/hr so not bothered trying to factor that in.

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