MY99 2.5L Upgrade Feedback

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"Brett, I have recently taken delivery of my impreza WRSX STi ver5 with upgraded motor (2.5 litre).
It all started on Friday late afternoon when I was taken for a quick lap around the back streets of Ryde. As a passenger, the motor felt strong with ample amounts of torque down low in the rev range.
Once I took the helm, I found myself barely giving any throttle and the STi happily motored along through traffic. During the course of the weekend, I went on varying low speed drives finding excuses to go to the corner store to get milk (just to drive her).
I am pleasantly surprised at the drivability of the STi, as she is my daily ride to and from work. I cannot wait for the ‘run in’ period to end and to feel what life is like on the other side of 4,000 rpm (and 11psi).
Thank you for the care taken with my STi, she has no workshop blemishes. It is good to see a workshop that takes care of their customer cars as they would their own.
I apologise for the endless amounts of telephone calls and visits in keeping with the progress of the rebuild. More organisations should run their business with the same level of professionalism as MRT.

You have gained a loyal customer. Thanks again."

Nicholas Jamsek