MY06 WRX engine rebuild

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Hi Brett and the team,

Just sending my feedback on the recent rebuild of my MY06 WRX.

I am extremely impressed with the way the whole rebuild was handled by the team at MRT. From initial diagnosis of fault to the final result.
My problems originally started with a bad engine knock after being worked on by another workshop. After leaving the car with MRT on very short notice (During a lunch break) I was contacted the same day with the issue and was given options of how to repair my busted engine.
Everything was outlined on the paperwork when I dropped in the next day to see my options. There were no hidden costs or uncertainties. all options were fully discussed in detail and were explained thoroughly. Upon acceptance of the quote work started almost instantly. I was always kept up to date by Julian, Quinton and yourself with estimated times. There were never any additional costs added so the build stayed true to the quote.

After several weeks the car was ready for pickup. 
What a car it turned out to be! Even on break-in tune it was making more power than before, power came on smoothly and sharply. The suggested parts proven to work well together shows that R&D is always important and its great knowing that your workshop devotes so much time and money to R&D. It clearly shows on the end result. 
After its break-in it was time to drop her in for her final tune. At this point the car is still running its stock TD04 with a built motor + Cosworth cams (Sorry car! I'll fix up that 'small' bottleneck soon I promise!). I got the car back same day and first impressions were WOW!

Low to mid range torque and power felt amazing and the little stock turbo did't run out of puff that easily either. Power stayed quite flat at high RPMs with only a tiny bit of drop near the end of the rev range. She just keeps pulling.

It is an amazing daily car to drive. From taking off from the lights to giving it a bit of a boot now and then power never came on harshly nor did it hesitate. I have let a close friend drive it around the block and it was described as a little power house compared to the previous tune the other workshop had done prior to this rebuild. They have commented on how sharply power comes on and how it stays on. It took several minutes to assure them that it still was running a stock turbo.

It is amazing what years of knowledge, dedicated and experienced staff can achieve when they work together. from the mechanical side to the final tune everything seems in harmony. Work never seemed rushed or forced.
I will definitely be taking my current car and future cars to MRT for any work required. I will also without hesitation recommend MRT to friends and family for any work they require on their vehicles.

Once again thank you Brett and the team for working with me through the whole process of this build. I do't think I could have asked for a better result in the end. I also appreciate the time you took out of your day to ensure everything was running smoothly with the car prior to pickup. It is great knowing the owner is VERY customer orientated and strives for satisfaction from his clients. Kudos to you.

I look forward to bringing the car back for more work in the coming months.

Steven KMY06 WRX