MRT Spot lamp kit upgrade

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"Well, the guinea pig is responding well to the driving light transplant you boys performed.   The (largely useless) factory fog lights went into retirement  to make way for 100W Cibie driving spots and what a difference! The night  trip to the farm was a breeze, with all livestock and wildlife clearly visible from half a kilometre. Even the tricky bends on the dirt stretches between Taralga and Porter's  Retreat were no problem. Hard to think I'd been relying on memory for the last few years to overcome hopeless high beams during those night drives. While the MY99 Outback/Liberty is a great improvement over the old model in the headlight stakes (and low beam is just fine for city driving), MRT should be congratulated for the neat fit and amount of improvement these Cibies provide. One other unexpected bonus - I can't think of a single trip before this last one where EVERY car coming the other way had dimmed their lights before they came into my view. They must have seen me coming - and that is a good safety feature too. Keep up the good work."
....Ian Campbell, Canberra