Toyota Recalls 86 For Power Steering Hazard

Toyota has announced a recall for the 14,906 units of the 86 sports car sold in Australia between April 9, 2012 and March 18, 2015.

The recall is related to the design of the car’s wiring harness for the electric power steering system. According to Toyota, plating of the steering system’s rotation angle sensor terminals wears down, and the accumulated debris oxidises. If the driver’s knee should push the kneebag cover upwards the steering system’s wiring harness moves with the cover, allowing the terminal to make contact with the non-conductive, oxidised debris. This results in power steering malfunction, although the steering remains operational without the power assistance.

In the event of that occurring, a warning light will display in the dash, accompanied by an audible alert. Toyota is recalling all cars to have the steering ECU (electronic control unit) and wiring harness replaced. Parts for the recall – the power steering ECU and wiring harness – will arrive in Toyota dealerships from late next month, and owners will be individually informed by mail when the time is right to arrange for the car to visit the dealership. Toyota advises that the car will be off the road for a little more than an hour while the work is being carried out.

The fault, which affects only right-hand drive models with a knee airbag for the driver, has occurred 62 times in Australia, but without accident or injury resulting. Toyota recommends that drivers who experience this problem occurring – suddenly heavy steering – should pull over immediately and contact the nearest Toyota dealer for diagnosis and repair.

Toyota can be contacted via a helpline (1800 987 366) and customers are asked to have the vehicle’s 17-character identification number handy. The VIN is located under the driver’s seat.

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