Toyota 86 Demand Slows

This time last year the 86 had racked up over 2000 sales and 391 of the rear-drive coupes found homes in May 2014.

Things are dramatically different this year with just 256 Toyota coupes delivered last month, bringing the year’s total to 1343 units.

These numbers represent the end of the 86’s reign as the affordable sports car sales king, with Subaru’s all-paw WRX pulling in 279 sales last month and 1353 for the year.

The Toyota’s sales figures are still undeniably impressive for such a car, but they’re nothing like what they once were and the 86’s steady decline could continue well into next year.

While the 86 has received a few subtle specification and suspension upgrades over the past few years, a proper facelift isn’t expected to occur until late next year.

And while Toyota will fettle the 2.0-litre atmospheric engine, we’re hearing the modifications will be minor – so no 300kW turbo conversion then…

It’s believed the changes will be mainly focused on refreshing the styling, meaning the 86 will come in for the usual bumpers and bling treatment.

The 86’s Subaru BRZ brother may also receive a freshen up given both cars are built on the same production line.

BRZ sales have slowed to a trickle in recent months. Even the Porsche 911 outsold the two-door Subie in May.

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