Daihatsu Offers Interchangeable Body Panels

Daihatsu has announced that Japanese owners of its tiny Copen (last sold in Australia back in 2006) will soon be able to change the looks of their small convertible by being able to order interchangeable body panels.

The new second body option is available as part of the car-maker’s new Dress-Formation option program.

The changes from the standard body to the new look are extensive and include a new front and rear bumpers, headlights, tail-lights, grille, wings, sills and boot lid.

Customers will have the choice of ordering the entire kit for around $4000, or just the front or rear styling for about $2200.

Daihatsu’s new factory-developed body panel option is a reflection of an emerging trend within the car industry of offering unprecedented levels of customisation and personalisation.

In the future, thanks to the greater availability of new technology like 3D printing, buyers could become the chief designer of their own car.

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