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Lancer Evo X Aerodynamics

Written by: Satoshi KATAOKA, Norimasa HASHIMOTO, Masahiro YOSHIDA, Tomio KIMURA, Naoki HAMAMOTO

Air flow on rear of vehicle


Aerodynamics technology for the LANCER EVOLUTION X was developed not only to reduce drag but also improve lift and cooling performance. The applied aerodynamics technology includes the nose shape like that of a shark, the cooling, the rear spoiler shape, etc. As a result, the drag coefficient (CD) and lift coefficient (CL) values are less than that of the LANCER EVOLUTION IX. This paper describes the aerodynamics technology for the LANCER EVOLUTION X and also introduces the Under Floor Air Guide, a new aerodynamic device.


Since the appearance of the first-generation model, the LANCER EVOLUTION has been continually improved to excel in various motor sports by outstanding driving performance superior to competitors. A lot of model tests, CFD analyses, and tests using actual vehicles have been performed that aims not only to reduce the drag coefficient (CD), but also to reduce the lift coefficient (CL) and enhance cooling performance.

The resulting aerodynamically shaped bodies offered a sophisticated combination of riding comfort and body design. In developing the LANCER EVOLUTION X, additional efforts have resulted in lower CD and CL compared to the LANCER EVOLUTION IX. Particularly, the CL value is world-leading for this class of vehicle.

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