Nissan GT-R cracks $200,000

On sale from this month, the Japanese brand’s new supercar bears the biggest set of changes since the R35 was launched in 2007 and introduced in Australia in 2009.

We’ll get to the finer specification details shortly, but in any case, they extra gear doesn’t come cheap. The entry-level Premium Edition’s price has climbed some $17,000 to $189,000 (plus on-road costs). Similarly, the middle-spec Premium Edition with Luxury Trim will set buyers back $18,000 more than before, at $195,000 (plus on-road costs).

Trumping both of those models on price and marching the GT-R into $200,000 territory for the first time is the new NISMO-engineered Track Edition that tops the line-up at $227,000, featuring the same front and rear suspension, forged wheels and front guards as the upcoming GT-R NISMO, which will likely feature a price tag close to $250,000 (plus on-road costs) when it finally materialises Down Under.

Nissan has justified the pricing premiums with what it believes is its most-rounded and dynamically-capable GT-R yet.

First and foremost, the car’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 has had power ratcheted up 15kW to 419kW overall. The peak torque figure of 632Nm is also available across 60 per cent of the rev spectrum. The engine teams with a carry-over dual-clutch transaxle.

The engine and cosmetic updates combine with a more rigid body structure, including increased structural rigidity of the windscreen frame and reinforcements around the boot. In addition, the car’s Bilstein adjustable shock-absorber system has been enhanced by a new valve housing and rigid attachment points – changes which culminate in either better cornering response or on-road comfort  depending on which of the three Normal, Comfort or R settings you’ve selected.

There are also some noticeable styling updates aimed at improving drag co-efficient, aiding engine cooling or generating more downforce at speed. They comprise a redesigned front bumper, under spoiler, new daytime running lights and an enlarged front grille up front, and a new silver-finish diffuser and side air-vents at the rear.

The changes are rounded out by an overhaul interior punctuated by a larger 8.0-inch screen, fewer physical buttons and switchgear and some trim updates.

While the GT-R has been subject to a significant price rise it still remains one of the more affordable supercars on offer, coming in at considerably less than rivals from Porsche and Mercedes-AMG.

We were mightily impressed after our first drive of the MY17 GT-R at Belgium’s legendary Spa circuit in June.

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