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This model is detuned by the factory, follow the link/s below for video, documents and data to find out why
and how we can help.
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Subaru Liberty GT MY07-09 Power Kit

Model year: Subaru Liberty GT MY 2010 - 14
2.5L turbo

  • XA Kit: 20 kw & 25% more torque
  • XB kit: 30 kw & 35% more torque
  • XC Kit: call now

(Click on image to download a sample document of the last model)

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(The document for this model is not ready yet so we have included handy links for the previous model)

This document explains in detail the benefits of the MRT power kit that is designed specifically for the previous model, the Subaru Liberty GT MY07-09.
Included is detailed dyno graphs, pictures  and words explaining how and why the kits were developed and how MRT thoroughly research and develop each kit to suit each car.
Weakness's of the car, are also explained and the traps involved if the model is not modified "correctly" and what to look for.

Download the document now and learn more about the car and how you will benefit.

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