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The Info below explains the benefits of the MRT power kit that is designed specifically for the following model:

Learn more MRT Power Kit - Subaru Impreza WRX MY99-00

Model year: Subaru Impreza STi MY99-00 Sept. 98- Oct. 2000 2L turbo
(including "2 and 4 door"  models)
Approximate improvements: 

  • XA Kit: 20kw & 22% more torque
  • XB kit: 40kw & 30% more torque
  • XC Kit: 45kw & 40% more torque

(click the image for a download document)

NOTE, this car is well known to suffer poor engine knock even when new and even when run on 98 RON fuel
To improve power and relaibility and to stop long trem engine bearing failure a MRT EcuteK tune will solve these issues and more. 


Typically our power kit documents include detailed dyno graphs, pictures  and words explaining how and why the kits were developed and how MRT thoroughly research and develop each kit to suit each car.
HOWEVER as this car is now over 10 years old results vary greatly due to:

  • Km of car
  • Other new or old modifications
  • condition of engine, sensors and such

You can choose another Power Kit Document for other models here to get a guide, BUT we ask you to contact us so we can give you best advise for YOUR MODEL.
We still have "kits" and upgrade many of these model cars or we can customise a package specifically to suit your cars needs and your budget. This is particularly good if you have a car that is already modified and want more, or you want some added reliability and power.

We encourage you to also visit as this has a wealth of info.
Other weakness's of the car to be aware of are:

  • Dirty or old air flow meter, (this model is particularly sensitive)
  • Brittle boost control hoses (effects turbo response)
  • Non standard air box (after market air filter "pods" are a no no to this model)
  • Worn and or noisey  turbo.
  • Damaged bearings due to poor ECU tune and engine pinging
  • Front mount intercoolers with the factory turbo (car will be slower)

All above can be tuned or repaired or improved with MRT's help.

are also explained and the traps involved if the model is not modified "correctly" and what to look for.

We can also assist you:

  • Why by fitting an exhaust only, will not always give you the power you expect via variable boost settings.
  • How your car will consume more fuel (if its not tuned correctly).
  • Differences in this engine to the newer 2500 cc engine.
  • Why not all cold air intakes are the same!
  • On this model why a air intake modification is a serious risk for your engine
  • How the factory ECU is the best solution, if its "converted" to an adjustable unit.

Contact us now so we can asist you understand more about this car and how you will benefit.

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