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  1. Extensive R&D program - each MRT Power Kit is the result of hundreds of hours of road and dyno testing. Different performance components are tested and retested to find an optimal solution to the question of “How can I cost effectively upgrade my car to be quick, reliable, economical AND fun to drive, without voiding my factory warranty?”

  2. Our Unique Triple Guarantee: 
    1. Guaranteed Performance Outcome – We guarantee our kits will deliver at least our quoted figures for Power and Torque.  You benefit from the hundreds of dyno tests we have performed to optimize our power kits and your car is individually tuned by our expert tuners to give you the best possible result.

    2. Factory Warranty Guarantee – Where our modified parts have been fitted to your car by us (or a reseller), should your new car warranty be voided as a result we will cover repair/replacement of any OEM parts negatively impacted by the modified parts under the same terms as the factory new car warranty.

    3. Parts Guarantee – All of the parts we supply are of high quality and covered by a full 6 month/ 10,000km warranty or for the life of your factory warranty, whichever is greater.
  3. Proven Track Record – Why risk your money playing mix and match with components not designed to work together with no guarantee of a performance outcome or risk of engine failure?  We have invested many hundreds of hours in developing each kit offered to find the best performance enhancement solution at realistic price points for you. Thousands of happy customers use their cars with our parts every day.

  4. How fast do you want to go – Each kit has been designed specifically to suit your particular model car with different levels of performance based upon your budget and individual needs. Custom solutions are also available where required.

  5. Single Supplier – if you encounter any issues, you have a single point of contact to get them resolved to your satisfaction. The possibility of vendors passing the buck and not accepting responsibility is eliminated.

  6. Improved Fuel Economy – thousands of km of road testing has proven that your fuel economy will be as good as or better than prior to fitting the kit when the car is driven in the same manner under similar conditions.

  7. Drivability Focus – our kits are not about massive outright power levels (although we can do this separately!), they are designed for practical enjoyment.

* For full details refer your MRT reseller and additional information within this document. MRT is independent of Subaru.


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