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MRT offer a range of brake pads designed for the enthusiast.

Available in sport and race, to suit a wide range of models, the benefits of the pad compound are:

  • Higher temperature range than factory standard pads
  • Lower cost than OEM factory pads
  • Better "feel" meaning you can control your car better under heavy braking
  • Low dust.

The MRT brake pads work with your standard brake rotor OR the DBA range of brake rotors.
They have a rating that makes them good for road as well as occasional track use.


if you plan to use your brakes HARD at track days, the sports pads will be better than most common "road / race pads" however to give you best performance, under extreme conditions then we suggest the MRT race pads.

When supplied and fitted by MRT (or our approved partners) you also get the following benefits on all parts below.


  • MRT see many other well known pads that just dont fit right
  • LIFETIME warranty, on road AND track
  • MRT brake pads are TRACK PROOF. (be cautious some look ok, but are not!)
  • FACTORY warranty Guarantee
  • 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee
  • Performance Guarantee
  • More info here on the BEST warranty you can get


Consult MRT for free advice to suit your specific needs.



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