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Link Engine Management SystemsLink Engine Management System Adapter Looms. These enable the Link Engine Management System (LEM) to "plug-in" to the factory harness.

. The following are available:
  • Nissan GTIR with the short "120 mm" connector
  • Nissan 200SX
  • Toyota MR2, and GT4 (3SGTE)
    • There are two different ECU configurations for the MR2 (pre '93) and
      GT4 (Group A). Although outwardly similar, several internal connections
      have been swapped which will result in PCB damage if they are not
      correctly installed.
    • Identify the ECU type by removing the covers form the enclosure and in
      some cases the internal secondary PCB in order to view the white
      silk-screened legend alongside the main ECU connector. Note that the
      connector has two rows of pins called "inner" and "outer" for the purpose
      of this exercise. Locate the labels "RSC" and "RSO" (toward one end of
      the connector) and note their relative locations. If RSC and RSO are on
      different rows then this is an early (pre 93) MR2 computer. If RSC and
      RSO are on the same row then this is the later MR2 version or a GT4 (gpA)
      version. (RSC and RSO are idle speed actuator drives).
    •  The two different Link adapter boards may be identified as follows:
      Early MR2 Bottom of PCB has the logo "3SGTE"etched onto the board.
      Wires on the bottom of the PCB are in a dead straight line.
      Late MR2 / GT4 Logo on bottom of PCB = "GT4 / MR2 92+"
      Wires exiting PCB are staggered (not dead straight)

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