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Link Engine ManagementSerialLink
Links your Computer to your PC. The SerialLink allows communication between all Link computers and a personal computer via the PC's serial port for data-logging and downloading of the computer settings.

While the engine is running a data stream is sent to the PC showing all the major engine parameters such as RPM, pressures, temperatures and duty cycles. The information is then recorded on the pc as a separate file. Graphs etc. may be created using spreadsheets for later evaluation.

RS232 SmartLink


Link Computer to Printer. The PrintLink is similar to the SerialLink except that the PrintLink connects directly to any parallel printer for an instant hard copy of your data.

Printer SmartLink 

Remote Tuning Module
Link Hand ControlThe Link Remote Tuning Module can be used for the AFMLink, TurboLink, InterceptLink as well as all Wire-In and Plug-In Link Engine Management Systems.

This controller accesses all functions of the system and enables tuning to the particular item plugged into.  The Link Tuning Module has a backlit LCD screen with backlit buttons for easy use, day and night. The Remote Tuning Module is light in weight and can be operated with one hand enabling one person's easy use.

Link Data TrapRecord & Playback. The Link DataTrap stores information collected from Link Management Systems for later playback. The DataTrap receives data from the Link Computer, compresses it, then stores the data in memory.

On playback, data is read from the memory and sent to your laptop or desktop PC. A LED bar graph shows the amount of memory used. A status LED is used to indicate connection to power and a record or play in progress. Several options are available via dual-in-line switches to support a range of customer requirements. 

When not in the record/playback mode the DataTrap can be used as a SerialLink.

  • On power up the DataTrap will display the amount of memory used and allow the user to begin another recording session from that point.
  • Playback in real time or high speed.
  • Playback can be with or without column headings.
  • The compressed form of data can be played back. This function is for advanced users only.
  • The DataTrap can be configured to take samples approximately once every second. This can extend the record time to approximately 73 minutes.

Lamda LinkExhaust O2 Display. Oxygen sensors (Lambda sensors) are self generating sensors that produce a small output voltage accordingly to the oxygen content of the exhaust gas.

  • Instantaneous O2 display
  • Check engine fuel mixture
  • Carburretted of EFI engines
  • Factory or after market sensor
  • Optimise power & economy
  • Tail pipe kit available complete with alligator clips/cigarette lighter plug and exhaust tailpipe bracket for workshop use.

Higher amounts of exhaust oxygen indicate a lean mixture and produce a small output voltage. Rich mixtures produce very little oxygen and the output voltage is higher. This voltage range is amplified and scaled by the display unit to drive an LED bar-graph calibrated to both air/fuel ratio and Carbon monoxide. (CO)

Knock LinkDetonation Display system. Most modern engines will already have a knock sensor fitted as standard. The sensor is normally screwed into the engine block although some manufactures fit the sensor in the inlet manifold. In either case, the sensor must be in such a position that block vibrations are coupled to the sensor.

Assuming the engine is operating correctly, the LED's will show only background noise which will rise in proportion to engine power output. Any abrupt rise in signal level at any time is an indication that detonation is occurring. The immediate remedy is to close the throttle. Severe detonation will damage the engine. Forced induction engines are more susceptible.

Knocking is the self detonation of the fuel in the combustion chamber. The flame burns around ten times faster than normal causing huge pressures. Possible causes for knocking are: change in intake air; intake humidity; load; RPM; boost; spark; etc

  • Monitor Engine "Noise"
  • Optimise Advance
  • Detect Detonation
  • Mechanical or Electronic Ignition
  • great tuning tool or hard wired into cabin

Air Flow Meter Correction. Designed for vehicles using an Air Flow Meter Engine Management System the InterceptLink allows the factory ECU to be converted into a fully adjustable system, by providing complete control over the engine's mixtures.

The aim of the InterceptLink is to provide a quick tune-up tool for engines that require only a mild mixture adjustment. The AFM (Air flow meter) is therefore retained . Its signal voltage is diverted to the InterceptLink where it can be scaled to match the mixture requirements of the engine, before it is returned to the factory ECU.

Intercept Link

When the InterceptLink is initially powered the AFM signal voltage is passed directly without scaling (no change) to the ECU. This has the advantage of allowing the engine to run as previously configured immediately after an installation i.e. no initial scaling required. The vehicle can then be taken for a test run and tuning can begin via the standard Link Tuning Module.

Link Tuning Module
Used by both the professional installer and the amateur at home the Link Tuning Module can now be used for the AFMLink, TurboLink, InterceptLink and all the Link Engine Management Systems.

This controller enables access to all functions of the system and enables tuning to the particular application. The Link Tuning Module has a backlit LCD screen with lit buttons for easy use.

Power LinkAdditional Injection/Extra Fuel Computer.
Need extra fuel? The new PowerLink 200 will add it for you.

The PowerLink 200 precisely controls extra injectors to give your engine the additional fuel it requires. The PowerLink200 is a cost effective, analogue, stand alone unit that won't effect your factory ECU.

You decide at what point the PowerLink200 starts and how much fuel is added from that point. Onset and rate are set by adjusting internal trimmers. As the PowerLink200 is an analogue computer the Link Tuning module is not necessary. The Powerlink200 is in a die cast enclosure for under bonnet installation.

Turbo LinkTurbo System Control. Use either the factory or after-market solenoid and schedule your own boost map, with taper if required (sixteen zones). Either 2 or 3 port solenoids suitable, (3 preferable).

  • Auxiliary Fuel Control.
    Add up to six extra injectors for fully mapped (96 zone) auxiliary fuel from full vacuum to high boost right across the RPM range (3D).
  • RPM Switching
    User configurable drive. Use for your shift light or VTEC control or inlet runner control or something else.
  • Ignition Retard
    Reprogramme the ignition advance curve.
  • Factory ignition timing on distributor based systems can be modified in order to control the detonation (knock). The TurboLink applies a precision mapped (96) zone) programmable delay on the signal between the factory ECU and the factory igniter.

Use the Link Tuning Module to set up and tune the TurboLink.

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