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MoTeCThe M4 is a 4 cylinder/rotary ECU designed to provide you with the power and quality of our Pro series but at lower cost  by letting you option  in only the features  you require.  It is designed primarily for performance street cars & bikes but by choosing the optional features it is perfect for competition use, especially its sequential injection capability. 

The M4 Standard can control up to 12 cylinders and uses 2D mapping.  Options include 3  dimensional  mapping  of  engine  speed  against  throttle  or  manifold  pressure  for improved  accuracy. Ignition control gives you the ability to drive  your  ignition  modules and set your spark timing to be at its absolute best at all points. Sequential injection lets you  fire  the  injectors  at  the  optimum  time  in  the  engine  cycle and  to adjust this for different engine  RPM's.    Advanced tuning gives many extra features including traction control,  the  ability  to configure  the ECU  to your existing sensors, more load & speed sites and many other features. 128 Kb of on board data logging is an option that lets you analyse the engine as it has been running. Configure the system to suit your needs and if you  need  more  options  later  they  can  be  enabled  at  that  time.   The  M4 Clubman combines 3D mapping, sequential injection and ignition control into a package useful for the Club level enthusiast. 


All  M4  models  have  the  accurate  control  necessary  to meet legislated emissions requirements, including closed loop narrow band lambda control (The engine must, of course, be emissions capable). 

MoTeC M4P ECUThe M4 can use nearly all original equipment and aftermarket ignition triggers, modules and  coils,  giving  it  unmatched  flexibility.   This avoids the  cost  and  time  needed  to remanufacture the distributor in order to trigger ECU's which are not as advanced as the MoTeC system. The M4 can be triggered by either a hall effect switch, a logic drive or a magnetic sensor, with various signal types  and  with  intelligent  signal  filtering  insuring proper signal to noise ratio at any crank speed.   Electromagnetic interference can play havoc with electronic devices, and MoTeC take extensive preventive measures to reject low impedance conducted interference and to shield from radiated interference. 

The  heart  of  the  M4  is  a Motorola 32 bit microcontroller with a time co-processor, a choice which puts it on the leading edge of automotive control systems. Contained in a 132  pin  surface  mount package and consisting of over 420,000 transistors the M4 is built to internationally recognised quality  control standards  (ISO 9001).   That  the  M4 reads its sensors 2400 times per second, and the entire control program is recalculated 200 times per second demonstrates its power. In personal computer terms the last PC to use a 16 bit processor was the '286' released in the early 1980's whereas  32  bit is still current technology.  We were the first and to our knowledge the only people to have used this processor in this application. 

MoTeC's unique software  programmable  switch mode drivers can trigger any injector with up to 70% less power usage than  other  products,  drawing  less  power  from  the electrical system and generating less heat inside the ECU. Comprehensive diagnostics report on injector current usage and any wiring open/short circuit after each firing of the injector. 

There is a comprehensive group of computer software tools available for the M4, including:

  • Engine setup, tuning diagnostics and utilities.
  • Monitoring, data logging and analysis.
  • Utilities for loading new program code and enabling special features.

This software has been designed with the emphasis on useability, enabling you to very quickly optimise the setup  for  your vehicle.   Details of this software is available  on  a separate brochure. Alternatively most of the basic tuning parameters can be accessed by the use of a hand held calibrator. 

Other  thoughtful  M4  features  include  the use of programmable flash memory chip to store the control program.   This means that  there  is  no  program  chip or EPROM to change to upgrade the program.   When  a new program feature is offered you simply send the M4 the new code over the optional MoTeC connector  cable  and  the  latest features are available to you. Flash memory has also been included for the internal data logging, meaning that the recorded data will never be lost even if power to the ECU is removed.   Flash  storage  also  enables  the M4 to retain information without needing internal batteries which have a finite service life.

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