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MRT Performance is one of the largest volume reseller of GFB products.

All Go Fast Bits products are engineered to fit with minimal or no modification so the vehicle can be returned to standard should the need arise. GFB we are continually designing and developing products to suit a range of popular turbo and normally aspirated cars.

More details on GFB products can be found on our on-line shop e-CAT here.

The new fully adjustable BOV by GFB is now in stock. The STEALTH is a revolution in BOV technology, allowing YOU to adjust, sensitivity, noise and range of venting to atmosphere or full plum back! click here

GFB Blow off valves & Boost Control valves can be fitted on all Turbo Vehicles, a wide range of adaptors is available to ensure easy fitting.

GFB Power-Up Pulley Kits are currently available for all Subaru WRX and Forrester GT models, with other models coming soon!

GFB Pulley Kits produce improvements in power ...

This 1997 WRX with 70,000km on the odometer was dyno tested under strictly controlled conditions ...on the same day with a standard pulley kit ... and then GO FAST BITS Pulley Kits.

The graph below shows the improvement in both Kilowatts and Tractive Effort from 60km/hour with the GO FAST BITS Pulley Kit compared to the standard pulleys ...

GFB Dyno results

Many GFB valves have removable trumpets, for those models you can choose a different "audio" design, for one that creates a "whistle" refer to the attached files.







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