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  • Power Kits   ( 4 Articles )

    MRT have a huge range of "Power kits" that are individually designed and tested for your car.
    Each kit includes parts to meet your budget and your needs
    A kit is not released until it has been tested, tested and re tested! 
    Then its confimed on several cars.
    Thats why we can make such a huge promise: 

    • 100% no "quiibbles" Money back guarantee
    • Power Guarantee.
    • Factory warranty Guarantee
    • and even more

    Each kit includes ONLY WHAT YOU NEED. 
    Meaning we dont include parts that are not needed to deliver you the Power, Torque and reliability that MRT is well known for. 

    Avoid costly mistakes, click this link or above for more information and a list on the left hand menu here.

  • Brakes   ( 22 Articles )

    At MRT we only use the best products for our aftermarket brake systems, as we believe that awesome stopping power and absolute safety are of the utmost priority.
    As such, we recommend and fit genuine replacement parts, MRT sports road and race pads, as well as high quality aftermarket suppliers such as DBA, Brembo, AP, SBS, Hawk, Goodrich, Alcon and more.

    Click the menu heading or choose from the left hand menu to see a growing list of topics you can choose for more information

    See below for more topics, articles and information, (if you cant find what you need please contact us) or contact us here for quick answersOther resources listed below


  • Electronics   ( 10 Articles )

    With the evolution of the computer has come an evolution in car performance as well, with computers (ECUs - Engine Control Units) in cars now allowing engines to work to the their maximum potential. When choosing an aftermarket ECU for your car, there are many options of ECU types including Interceptior chips, complete ECU replacements and reflashes of the factory ECU.

    At MRT, we believe that the best product on the market is EcuTeK which allows the tuner to repgram the factory ECU, allowing us to utilise the experience of the original car engineers, make use of all the factory settings whilst also allowing us to maximise the performance of your car with massive tuning options. In addition to this, we also tune and install many other aftermarket ECUs such as Link and Motec.

    See below for articles and further information.

  • Engine   ( 54 Articles )

    At MRT we insist of using either genuine or the best quality parts whenever we work on your engine.
    Often we see cheap or inferior parts installed in cars that either affect their performance and reliability, or result in engine damage and low performance results.
    When inferior parts are installed in high performance engines, the resulting damage can be significant and expensive, plus very dissapointing

    Click the Engine link at left or here for more detailed engine information to suit your model.
    See below for articles and further information.

  • Suspension and Sway Bars   ( 51 Articles )

    Many workshops concentrate mainly on straight line speed, at MRT we believe that a balance of speed, brakes and handling are essential for fun in your car, hence we offer comprehensive suspension upgrades and tuning for all models of car.

    We have strong partnerships with leading brands such as Whiteline, Nolathane, Powerflex and TEIN which enable us to provide the widest variety of suspension parts and upgrade packages for your car.

    Follow this link or choose the left hand menu for more detailed information on suspension improvements to suit your model.

    See below for articles and further information.

  • Transmission   ( 4 Articles )

    Here at MRT we test what we sell!
    Synchro and Dog gear sets as well as factory transmission repairs. We have the experience to give you the right advice.
    There are many traps that people and workshops fall into, MRT have huge experience that means you benefit
    Click the link on the left or below to access a growing list of sub topicsfor articles and further information.

    See below for more topics, articles and information, (if you cant find what you need please contact us) or contact us here for quick answers.

  • EcuTek   ( 6 Articles )

    EcuTeK is the name for the software used by all the top tuning workshops in thw world to access your factory ECU.
    It allows your preferred tuner to convert the factory ECU in your car to an adjustable unit and the fully re-program it.

    Because your car is "detuned" when delivered by the manufacturer, we can improve your car with:

    • More Power
    • More Torque
    • Often same or better fuel economy.

    Its all done via the factory wiring harness and "OBD" plug under the steering column in your car with absolutelu no wiring modifications or "intercepting" devices. Its also reversible back to a standrad factory setting should you wish to in the future.

    Click the left menu to see a growing list of brands and model kits with an EcuteK upgrade to suit your car. OR
    Click this link for specific information on how EcuteK works and helps your car plus a list of Frequently Asked Questions to solve common problems with your model.

  • Miscellaneous   ( 2 Articles )

    In this area you will find all the bits and pieces that don't fit into all the other categories, things such as gift vouchers, books, DVDs and teamwear.

    See below for articles and further information.

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