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Do you own a Subaru with a Brand Alarm or one with a factory fitted key pad immobiliser? Chances are you do as this was a common part fitted by Subaru Australia to all WRXs from 2002 to 2007 (with free retro fit to 1999-2001) and all STis from 1999 to 2007.

As these alarms are now in some cases becoming quite old, the parts are either wearing out or require servicing. Common faults are:

  • Intermittent no starting
  • Car shuts down for no apparent reason
  • The number key pad no longer chirps
  • The key pad works with any or no input!
  • Keypad randomly will not accept your code
  • The car will start even though you have the alarm fitted and enabled!

These are just some of the faults we see. Don't risk your insurance as 90% of cars fitted with this alarm require the alarm to be correctly and fully functioning to qualify for the insurance policy!

. Brant Alarm Backup BatteryThis picture shows the back up battery that is fitted as part of the alarm, and the owner of the Subaru B4 this battery came from was reporting that the car would just stall  several times and not restart for up to an hour! Needless to say they were not happy, and brought the car to MRT.

After road testing and checking all other common problems with B4's (MRT work on many B4's!), the alarm was checked and found to have an intermittently working back up battery.

Here at MRT we are lucky because we have been trained by one of the Brant Alarm fitters who used to work installing and servicing these alarms, so you can rely on the fact that we can reliably solve it.

Bottom line if your car suffers from any of the above, call MRT or get your alarm checked by a company that knows the alarm well as its easy to mis-diagnose!

Special offer to MRT clients

Call us now 02 9767 4545 or via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and book in for a FREE alarm check over, that's a saving of $95. Please note often we need cars overnight to do this complete check, be sure to mention this story when you call!

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